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Bay area poet and short fiction writer James M. LeCuyer releases Stories for Clever Children & All Curious and Thoughtful Adults

Raven & Wren Press is proud to announce the release of bay area poet and short fiction writer James M. LeCuyer’s newest book,  Stories for Clever Children & All Curious and Thoughtful Adults, which began as tales he spun for his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. 

To celebrate the launch of LeCuyer’s fourth book, a series of readings will take place in-person and online after the new year, but you can enjoy these stories now as the book is available for purchase now in the Raven & Wren Bookstore.

Author James M. LeCuyer a copy of his fourth book, hot off the press.

“Jim’s book features ancient and wise talking tortoises, a lonely dinosaur who finds love, and lessons in life for readers of all ages,” said author and publisher Andrew C. MacRae. “It is a delightful combination of humor, deep truths, and the wisdom of age. These  stories will entertain the child in all of us.”       

LeCuyer, 88, is a master storyteller, educator and activist deeply concerned about climate change, and the degradation of oceanic and coastal resources, and some of the stories address environmental issues. LeCuyer holds three Masters degrees. He has served in the United States Navy, worked as a commercial halibut and herring fisherman, a taxi driver, a report writer for the Berkeley Police Department, a technical writer and editor for the University of California, Berkeley, and as a high school English teacher at the Ruth Asawa School of the Arts in San Francisco. LeCuyer’s other books are  Duck Lessons (Darkhouse Books, 2018)  and Threnody for Sturgeon (Outskirts Press, 2016) and a poetry collection, A Brick for Offissa Pup (Floating Island Publications, 1989, under Jim LeCuyer).